Garment Thoughts

On Luxury

Kali Made Garments are a luxury. The physical products themselves are my passion, produced with the finest fabrics in the world right in my hometown of Oakland. But luxury goes beyond the what - I think real luxury lies with the intent of the artist.

Why do we crave luxury? Is it a form of self-edification, the natural desire to set ourselves apart from everyone else? I didn’t create Kali Made Garments to make exclusive garments - I just want to share my love and creations with as many people as possible (limited-edition just happens to be the nature of this particular beast.) Besides, could we ever really be happy if our only reference point is a constant comparison to the mysterious and ever-changing other? 

So, do we consume the way we do based on what we truly want, or based on what we want people to think we want? We’re trained to consume, not only physical goods and services, but ideas, thoughts, memories, stories. It seems we’re liable to be judged by what we choose to consume in addition to what we choose to create.

Kali Made Garments aren’t made to be consumed - they’re made to be cherished, loved, passed on, worn with warmth and spirit. They’re art with an everyday purpose and practicality. Ethically made and environmentally friendly. Timeless design that will last for decades. Beauty outside of trends and judgements.

Luxury is intent; luxury is joy. Kali Made is luxury is in the everyday, and luxury is for everyone.