Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the fit of Kali Made Garments?

My garments are cut slim, but with a bit of extra room for movement through the chest and arms. They are designed to fit true to your regular size, although if you prefer a tighter "fitted" look, you may want to consider sizing down one size. All of my shirts and jackets pass my "transit test" - that is, you can reach up and grab a railing or strap on a bus or train without unbuttoning your jacket or worrying about your shirt becoming untucked. Once you put them on, you can forget all about them!

Starting in 2018, all new Kali Made Garments will now have numerical sizing, ranging from size 32 ("XXXS") to size 46 ("XXL"). Please refer to the new Fit Guide Video below for garment sizing parameters and how to find your perfect size!

Why are some sizes not available in certain styles and colors?

I work with small, local factories which allows me to focus on unique and rare fabrics. I am constantly on the lookout for exciting, versatile, and timeless fabrics for my garments, and sometimes that means settling for smaller size runs based on the yardage available. I'd rather make two of a certain jacket than not make it at all! With these limited-edition, small runs of styles, you can know that your Kali Made Garments piece will be a special addition to your wardrobe.

Are your collections seasonal?

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area, where "season" is a very loose term. I believe that clothes should have timeless, classic styling that will last for decades. I prefer to work with fabrics that can be worn year-round, so they are there for you any time you need them. By producing in small, limited runs, I can reduce wasted materials and am forced to focus on pieces that don't have a shelf life. To me, this is better for both the consumer and the environment - I would rather make one piece that looks good for twenty years than twenty pieces that look good for one year.