About Kali Made Garments

My name is Victor Kali (really). A fourth-generation Bay Area resident, the Golden State is in my blood. After years of clothing product development and design experience, I decided to create the perfect pieces for the life, place, and people that I love.

Clothing is a refuge, and I want to provide the same comfort to you as I feel when I'm wearing my favorite garments. I make the best products I possibly can - no compromises, no shortcuts. Quality fabrics are sourced for limited-edition, small run collections. Every single garment is special to me, because I know they'll be special to you.


Kali Made Style - For CA and Beyond

Kali Made Garments are designed with your unpredictable life in mind - refined styling infused with chill California vibes. Using both custom-made and found fabrics of the highest quality, these garments will mold to your body and get better with age.

I believe that  true style is found within, and that your clothes should look and feel as good (if not better) in 20 years as they do now - every detail of every piece is considered with this core tenet in mind. The jackets and shirts are cut for movement and grace, and the true beauty is found in the everyday utility of the garments. 

Proudly Made in Oakland, CA

Local is not a marketing term. Local is not a trend. Local is not "cool." Local is simply better.

I produce locally because it allows me to hold my clothing to my highest possible standards. Plus, I like to meet the folks who make my garments and say "Thank you" for their time, patience, and expertise.

By supporting local manufacturing, we not only enhance our economy, but foster the community and creativity that make our city great.